You Are Here

Carta Marina – Olaus Magnus c. 16th Century  Image Source: Wikipedia

You are Here. But where am I? I’m on my way. I’ve finally learned how to navigate through the perils I’ve encountered on my lifelong journey – the maelstroms, the pirates, and the monsters of the sea. It’s a treacherous odyssey, searching for that place I’ve always been. Wish I were Here.

19 thoughts on “You Are Here

  1. Your blog title makes me think of the old psuedo joke adage “no matter where you go, there you are.” From seeing a couple of your posts, I believe you are right where you should be.

    • Hi Josh – Yep, You got what I was trying to say, although there’s also the idea that it’s hard to just be “present” when you’re obsessing about the past and the future. Cheers!

  2. Often the sort of thoughts that fill my mind when I see a map, the arts of cartography, navigation, reading land, sea and what the winds carry; they’re a story. A collection of moments to affix the tangible within unknown and shared places. So such stories for me go, when I close my eyes and write, to start with a map, time.

    Thought I might see, where roads and waters meet, where wild lands and tender brush paint beneath a changing autumn sky, to share tales in those places time escapes to, like a lone voice on a changing wind, never willing to wait too long before transiting, a few leagues into different realms, across such faults and crevasses, caught between mountain forest and range, how true, such a river does run, until it meets the sea then sky again, to rain in voice and song upon leaves to young and ancient trees.

    In a bit of a random place at the moment, it’s just the air and the sounds to as a day fades to evening.

    • Your random place seems quite interesting. Never a dull moment in your world, methinks.

      Old maps are fascinating. So many are warped beyond “reality”. The world as they saw it. Sea monsters and maelstroms. So much menace out there. And yet they ventured.

  3. Random is a good place to wander. Made homemade games based on hand drawn maps as a kid.

    Last year I had been going through some old digital atlases and maps for use in a couple of handcrafted journals from a traditional bookmaker on Orcas Island (but lucked out on time). Yes the artistry has far more wealth than today’s.

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