Shadow Prague

Prague, Czech Republic – October 2010

The magnificent Charles Bridge and St. Vitus cathedral looming in the distance command the attention. However, my eyes are drawn to the lone fisherman casting his lines in the churning Vltava River. The din of tourist chatter and street musicians is drowned out by the waves. The tiny wooden vessel has become a microcosm of serenity. I peer into this parallel Prague. Hiding in plain sight. Sometimes the greatest treasure can be found in the shadow of splendor.

37 thoughts on “Shadow Prague

  1. I lived here for four months, a year before this photo was taken. I wanted to go up in that white balloon, but it was too expensive. We took paddle boats out on the river in September, if you’re ever there again in warm weather months, I would definitely recommend giving that a try. Just watch out for the bigger boats. Prague is such a special and complicated place, thanks for sharing.

    • Sounds like you had a fabulous time in Prague. I was mesmerized by that white balloon! Not that i wanted to go up in it. It just added something surreal to the scene.

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    • Thank you. A very small hot air balloon for tourists. It really added something whimsical to the scene. I was hoping to see it when I ventured down to the Charles Bridge yesterday, but it was nowhere to be seen.

    • Hi Robin – I thought so, too. Fishing on the Thames…one of my friends who does triathlons told me that in order to do the swimming portion on the Thames, she is required to take antibiotics. Can’t imagine someone could be that desperate or that bored to fish on there. 😳

    • I thought that little balloon was so mesmerizing. I walked down to the Charles Bridge yesterday and was really disappointed to see that it’s no longer there. I hope they bring it back.

  3. Your archives is a true treasure chest, Julie, if your offerings are any indication. The arched bridge, and fisherman in the country boat serenely gliding on shimmering waters make for an enchanting nugget of the splendour of Prague. My son spent a few days in Prague quite recently, and I hope to be there some day.

    • Hi Raj. Thank you so much for reading. I hope your son had a lovely time here, and that you can visit one day. It’s truly a magical city and I’m so grateful to be able to live here, at least for a while.

  4. Hi Julie, a new place to lay your head for awhile then. To write, explore, experience, live; so I wait to hear those tales you’ll find in the shadows to each place around the next corner in Prague and its districts, as well as those beneath the Summer Sun.

    • Hi Sean – yes, yet another new place. I’m a bit dazzled by it all – living in the most beautiful city that I’ve ever seen. The more I move, the less I have expectations and the more I simply let the place speak to me. Plus, the summer sun is very, very bright right now.

  5. I was in Praha a few days back. It is a beautiful city but so crowded (mostly tourists). I found your snap really relaxing to remember Vlatva river and Charles Bridge without the background noise. Thanks.

    • Thank you, Lekha. That’s that the unfortunate part of being such a beautiful city. Everyone wants to see it. Those of us who live here tend to avoid the tourist areas.

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