Exotic Fauna Of Tallin

Tallin, Estonia – August 2008

The Pirita district in Tallin is home to a curious endemic species. These flamboyant creatures can be found sunning themselves in the sandy depressions amid the tall beach grass. Far past the age of bearing young, they nonetheless remain fiercely territorial. They communicate with each other using shrill squawks or ill-tempered clucks. Every so often they will stand up and survey the surrounding area for threats. They brandish their long, multi-colored talons and regard passersby with a baleful stare. Potential observers are cautioned to keep a safe distance, and all photographs should be clandestine.

13 thoughts on “Exotic Fauna Of Tallin

  1. A related species can be observed, during the summer months, along the coasts of East Germany. The narrow strip between the sea and dune, they populated preferred. This type is habituated to people. This characteristic head hood they do not own. They are usually colored pale pink when they arrived. A tired brown to dark red color they develop depending on the sunlight. 😀

  2. There is a beach in Estonia, where these same species cast off everything. Including modesty.
    And bake themselves in batches, until all evenly terracotta-hued. Even the bravest cannot look at all of this withering nakedness. Nor can they look away.

    It is the ladies beach in Pärnu – I hope you get to visit it and write another miniature as sharp and accurate as the one above (for which – thank you!), before they decide to unisex that strip of the beach. Apparently some find it discriminates the men!

  3. Dear Julie, sorry but I was not quite sure wheather you ment the ship or the sun hungry elderly lady!
    When I was in Tallin it was raining, so….. I wish you, however, a pleasant, not too hot, summer day.

    • Hi Martina – I wrote this using science wording, as if it was something out of a field guide. So I can understand the difficulty in understanding it since English isn’t your first language. Of course, these creatures (the old ladies) hibernate during rainy weather.

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