Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On A Postcard)

Kimballcover A few years ago, writer Michael Kimball began a unique project: Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard). It started out as live literary performance art and then became a blog. Five years passed and over 300 hundred life stories were written, encompassing over 10,00 years of life. A book of some of those life stories has just been released by Mud Luscious Press. A writer buddy, Josh Maday, told me about the project and encouraged me to send in my life story. I was uncomfortable with the idea at first. I’m very happy that I eventually did, because it gave me the extra push that I needed to break out of my cocoon and get to work on my memoir. I was stunned and so very honored that Michael Kimball choose to include his condensed interpretation of my life in this potent little book of remarkable and turbulent lives. He has treated each and every life with empathy and honesty. I’m delighted to see that he is getting a lot of attention for his latest novel, Big Ray, which was Book of the Week at Oprah.com a few months ago. It’s also getting praise in the mainstream press. His earlier novel, Dear Everybody, captures the essence of depression like no other novel I’ve read. His distinct, yet accessible voice is a welcome change from the commercialized, forgettable chatter of mass literature.

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    • Thanks, Emily. 😀 Yes, it was (and still is) strange, but necessary, because it pulled me out of my comfort zone. I have to get used it it if I’m going to put a whole memoir out there!

  1. I just finished reading your life story J and it truly was a challenging life. Anyway, we can only look back at our past with compassion and non-judgement. 🙂

    • It’s an interesting project for sure. You could spend hours on the blog reading about all of the diverse lives and the things that people (and animals and inanimate objects) have experienced.

  2. I came back a couple of times to read this post! I am absolutely delighted and thrilled for you! Your thoughts, personal philosophy, resiliency and humor bring out the subtle nuances of a life well chosen. For I believe that in some respects we chose our lives, even though destiny and fate interweave their threads along the way. Thank you for sharing your good news! I am celebrating across the blogger miles!

  3. Hi Julie!
    You are a truly an inspiration, that is what life it’s all about, life is about making it your own despite all that is thrown at you, like this very much what a great Idea, it must be surreal to see your life through the eyes of someone, I will look for his books they sound very interesting.

    So now I know your name is Julie and D is for ?

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