Bratislava, Baby


New borders around me. New streets to navigate. New culture to observe. New language to learn. I can already communicate at a greater level than in Hungarian, because Slovak is similar to Polish and I still remember what I learned during my time in Poland. I’ve got a long way to go to fluency, however, so Slovak sounds like enigmatic music. An old, old language. The language of the Tatra mountains.


I’m riding the high of the unknown. The starting over. Utopia is a figment of the juvenile imagination. However, I’m mature enough in my wandering to know what awaits after the strangeness settles into familiarity.


I don’t expect everyone to be friendly. Thanks to the lessons that I learned in Poland, I don’t expect people to think I’m special because my maternal grandmother is Slovak-American. I don’t expect Slovaks to be impressed that I’m making the effort to learn their language. I know that sometimes I may even be mocked for trying. I’ve long since stopped expecting things to be done as they are in America or France. And sometimes I prefer it this way.


With every change of location, the same questions surface: will this finally be the place where I can sink roots deep into the earth? Does such a place even exist? Or am I doomed to wander forever, even with all that I’ve learned about sanctuary being a state of mind?


18 thoughts on “Bratislava, Baby

  1. Absolutely love the large photo, though it looks like many a European city (maybe that’s why!)
    Lucky you to have the opportunity to try again, in such nice surroundings. Every day a new beginning, no matter where you are. No escaping self. I know. 🙂

  2. I love beginnings….

    As for having a restless spirit – enjoy it! After all, I consider you a writer/artist!

    “My soul is impatient with itself, as with a bothersome child; its restlessness keeps growing and is forever the same. Everything interests me, but nothing holds me.”
    ― Fernando Pessoa

    • I love beginnings, too. But I’m married to someone who is not restless and likes to have roots. He’s been a good sport about the moves around Europe, but I realize that I need to compromise. This lifestyle is unusual and not for everyone. I’m lucky to be with someone who’s at least willing to try it.

  3. Best of luck to you. I really hope you find some peace of mind. I know it’s elusive but it’s not completely impossible to find. Just gotta be persistent. Take good care of yourself. 🙂

  4. scary-fun that is what beginning are
    so why did you move? (work, travel or just because)

    I notice I miss this two last post
    you are not appearing on my reader again 😦
    have to check that again.

    • We moved because we were over Budapest. Four years was enough. We want to take advantage of our freedom to move around while we can.

      The Reader is so untrustworthy. I still have to manually check all of the blogs I’m following to be sure I’m not missing any posts.

      • good for the both of you…what a word freedom
        I am glad you can do this and that you husband
        want to try it too.

        I think I going to do that too, notice I miss many of my friends blogs today, this time I am not doing anything is not worth my time.

  5. Beautiful as always LV, you are an inspiration! I got a good feeling about Bratislava, that’s gonna be the place where you finally saddle up for a while.

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