The Mirror


Which, after all, is the more real, the one that mirrors itself or the mirror that it uses
— Carl Jung

As it lay in self-inflicted shards, trod upon by oblivious boots, ground down to dust, the mirror reflected upon the admiring glances and endearments it had received in its long lifetime: ­I love you I hate you you gorgeous creature you’re the man you still look damn good.

One can only take so many lies.


This microfiction piece appeared in Camroc Press Review in 2009.

Photo: Grandma’s pond – Midland, Michigan, USA – October 2012

38 thoughts on “The Mirror

    • Thanks! It was the editor of CPR’s decision to put it in that poetry format. I suppose it’s easier to understand, but I have a hard time considering any of my work poetry. 😉

  1. Excellent choice of a name. Besides the idea of being in a peaceful place, gives an idea of a person wishing to be more present in his or her own situations. Cool !
    Keep up the good work.

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