This Sacred Space

I have become an artist of farewells. Of letting go and moving on. I can sense their arrival when they are still far on the horizon. The preparation for separation begins. This is the result of a lifetime of leaving places, people, jobs, virtual communities. Outgrowing toxic mindsets. Shedding the masks hiding my true identity. All of these are losses and worthy of grief.

Over the years, I’ve encountered many kindred souls in the virtual realm. We traveled the road together for a while and then our paths diverged. Our shared journey was finished. We had learned as much as we could from each other. This is growth. This is life. It has always been this way, but in recent years, and especially months, it has accelerated. We are being forced away from certain souls and drawn towards others. The more we resist, the more painful it is. Many of us are discovering our real tribes and our core truths. It is excruciating, but necessary.

No, I’m not deleting this blog. This sacred space will remain. I have left Instagram, the only social network I used. Definitely not an earth-shattering event. I simply felt as though my wilderness photos and little mystical musings didn’t belong there anymore, amid the ever-darkening cacophony.ย  The posts I saw in my feed confirmed this.

Silence is complicity. You are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

I have been far from silent. They are simply unable to comprehend what I have to say.

And this is my message:

Wish you were here. (June 10, 2020) #sacredspace

It has become an incredible act of courage to remain a sovereign, peaceful presence amid the turmoil.

We each have the right to process our unique realities in the way our souls guide us. To protect our precious energy in any way we can. To share that which we feel compelled to share. I am not a bad person.

World weary. Road weary. Here I lay my self down to rest. One day I will sleep here forever, my ashes seeping into the Earth with the rain. (August 8, 2019) #sacredspace

My work there was finished. And that’s okay. I felt a twinge of sadness as, one by one, I deleted almost four years of posts โ€“ the images and thoughts I had so carefully crafted. The travels, both past and present. The wildflowers. The eagle.

The butterflies. The night sky’s dazzling illumination.

The random roadside messages.

And my selfies.

What a peaceful existence I cultivate. What a gentle soul I am. What a shame to delete this beauty.

But as I clicked that final red button – permanently delete my Instagram account โ€“ it was not regret that I felt, but relief. I am free, once again.

I left without saying goodbye.


I have always been a wildflower. (August 12, 2019) #indestructible #sacredspace

72 thoughts on “This Sacred Space

  1. Synchronicity is working well today, seeing someone else’s blog I saw your avatar, the first one, next to the like box, and I thought of you, so I went to your blog and saw your April 12 post, and I said to myself, It seems that Julie has disappeared from her blog, I was about to leave your page, when as if by magic, your new entry appeared!
    About deleting your Instagram account, well, who doesn’t get fed up with social media?
    Good for you, is your wish, now you are free of that burden.
    Best regards, dear. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ah, yes. Gotta love synchronicity. So nice to hear from you, dear sir. I avoided all social media for years, but joined Instagram because it was just photos and no politics. It was a lot of fun at first, but then it became, as you say, a burden. Now I have more energy to devote to my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Warmest wishes to you!

  2. I feel you, Julie. I understand, relate. Your gentleness and your sensitivity do not belong on a platform that has turned so hateful. Pushing that red button yes a most difficult decision to arrive at yet when pushed I get the relief part. In spades I get it.
    “It has become an incredible act of courage to remain a sovereign, peaceful presence amid the turmoil.” From one weary one of light, I know. The constant push back of the dark and to be immersed in that dark on the occasions I am, is so so very difficult. As I told you recently, I do not know how you do what you do right now. I could not. My sensitivity has increased to the hilt so it would seem the Universe has me stowed away until that day arrives the way is made for me to again freely go about, more then I do now.
    Your pictures delightful and to see your selfies made me smile. Oh yes you have always been a wild flower. And you always will be one. Your radiance spells out how special you are especially in these times of such horror and violence. I am so proud of you that you are walking the Higher Path and insist on doing so in all aspects of your life. You know the secret of fear that once let in, no matter how insignificant, that fear will multiply and grow until it snuffs your light out. Oh no not you! I applaud you and am so proud to call you my friend.
    Much love and peace to you!!! xo

    • Dear Amy – your words made me tear up. I am indeed so very tired of the world. I wish I could hide myself away in my wilderness, but bills must be paid. My light is hiding deep inside me now. Hopefully one day it will reappear as it was before. Thank you so very much for your support and love. I’m incredibly grateful to call you my friend, too! Sending so much love.

      • Aw, Julie, I “feel” your heart. To me your light is not hiding for you brought such joy to me as the hours flew by when we spoke. I wish too I could just find a place with no trace of the world in it yet this seemingly seems more challenging these days. Once upon a time I was able to walk through forests and feel the bliss. Now to see masks and feel fear ruins those walks and interferes with my sacred connection. A day soon will return when both of us will freely show our light again, I just know it. Until then we just have to do what we must in order to get through the storm ….. keep our heads down and protect ourselves as we go about incognito. Support and love go two ways, fyi. I feel as you do. I am so so grateful to call you my friend. Sending you my love!! xo

    • Thank you so much. My only internet presence from now on will be this blog. It’s more than enough and the company here is absolutely the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Here is your space. Out there is seemingly everyone’s realm.

    As long as we get to see your smile here and read your beautiful words, who really cares what goes on there!

  4. I think you might know how much I understand your move. I have made it less boldly and less conclusively, but the intention is the same – to abandon a medium that sucked away my time and my energies, to get my real life back, to spend time on the kinds of writing and art that do not need a fleeting audience. As I read, I hoped that the blog would be your sacred space, that it, at least, would remain. So I’m happy! For you and for me. Carry on, thinker, writer, and liver!

    • Thank you, Lexie. I was so fed up that I briefly considered leaving the blog, too. But my readers have always been so supportive of my eccentricity. Itโ€™s a whole different world here and I sure hope that doesnโ€™t change. Hereโ€™s to both of us creating prolifically in our sacred spaces!

  5. Hello Julie,
    Thank you so much for this. Like many of your friends here, I have been thinking of you.
    I am glad you have decided to keep this space, this special place and you’ll see many kindred spirits here.

    PS: have never used Facebook or Instagram, and never will ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hello dear Takami. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts. I have really missed everyone here, too. I’ve not had much energy to write at all, because of very demanding work. But hopefully now that I have one less distraction I can be here more often, with my tribe. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you are well. Warmest wishes.

  6. Hi dear Julie! I was wondering if you left IG since I hadn’t seen any posts from you recently. I totally understand why though. At least we can enjoy your great works here on your blog! You have to great a talent to keep hidden and not be shared! I truly appreciate you as a writer and one of my dearest and best friends!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love you!

    • Hi Shelly. My departure was rather abrupt, but you know that once I get fed up, I’m so outta there. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thank you, always, for your support. โค

  7. Wow Julie. What an exquisitely poignant post. I feel your pains, your surrender, your joys, and admire your courage and clarity. I’ve become tangled up in the fight and confused whether my calling is to rail against the system which will further drain me but maybe save some others, or retreat and focus on being the kind peaceful soul I am. Maybe we’ll meet in those fields with Rumi. I look forward to sharing the journey for however long we do. Hugs ๐Ÿ’ž

    • Thank you so much, Brad. I personally believe that those of us who are empaths and highly sensitives must take care of ourselves first and, with any extra energy that we may have, support our soul tribes, who desperately need it. The time to try and rescue others has come to an end. This is tough love time. But this is my feeling and no one is obligated to agree. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I look forward to our shared journey as well, kind gentleman. Hugs back at you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you, Peggy. I had an aversion to all social media for a long time, but Instagram was actually fun and uplifting for a long while. How quickly things change. Wishing you much peace.

  8. While I do keep my social media accounts, I rarely post anything these days. But my blog, that is one thing that will remain. The blogosphere is where I truly belong, because I feel that people who blog are actually the ones who are willing to read and see things beyond pretty pictures. I’m glad you decided to keep yours too.

    • Thank you, Bama. I’ve got 8 years of posts here, writing and photos that I’m very proud of. My work has improved so much and my voice has changed as well. It’s amazing to see the evolution. WordPress is definitely a place for deeper individuals. A breath of fresh air from the superficial chatter. I’m delighted to know that you intend to remain, too.

    • Thank you, Indra. I appreciated your presence on Instagram. My posts here have tended to be long and intricate, but maybe I’ll start doing shorter posts more often. Hope you are well!

  9. It’s a waste of space, and certainly time and energy, Julie. When I remember to post there it’s usually to share a golden moment and imprint it on my memory, but the world is no worse without it. I am trawling old and not so old photo files on my laptop and culling so much dead wood. If it doesn’t spark a memory it can go. I’m glad that your voice is still out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Jo – you are right, the world will go on without our photos being posted on social media. I’ve learned that many feel that if you leave social media, you no longer exist. That’s fine. “Culling dead wood” also applies to superficial people. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy to know you all these years, dear one. โค

  10. Wise move, Julie – not sure why I bother with Instagram other than to consume car and motorcycle porn ๐Ÿ™‚ Very pleased you are sticking with WordPress, I would miss you after all these years.

    • I hung around there so long because of the bunny rabbit photos and videos. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I can find those elsewhere to get my fix, if need be. As for WordPress, there is too much of me here. I won’t abandon it. Eight years of writing and photos. I print out each post and I’ve got three hundred pages, so far, and that’s not including the photos. Truly amazing how much I’ve written. And I’d miss you, and everyone, too. Thank you for the support over these years. We’ve known each other since the beginning.

  11. Lovely! This resonates with me although I think I am an angry soul that can’t quite leave the fray. But what a soul-sucking rabbit hole! IG seems benign – for me it’s mostly food, flowers and travel posts. It’s twitter land that I get lost in — that will be my first to go — but I can’t yet look away – or maybe it’s get off – the train wreck. Glad to still see you and your shared peeks at the stunning corner you’ve landed in, beautiful one!

    • Thank you, Tricia. We all do as we feel we must. There is no right or wrong. Many years ago, I was entangled in the fray. I would wake up each morning, have an espresso, and consume the media. I’d spend the rest of the day pissed off and physically sick. One day I realized that this wasn’t helping anyone, especially myself. Rage is addicting, literally. It takes time to wean oneself off those chemicals that are produced by the brain. And wean myself off, I did. Slowly, but with unwavering intent. Now what I offer the world is my hard-won serenity, my clarity of thought, and my sovereign soul. It is more than enough. Hope you are enjoying the summer, as much as possible.

  12. Julie, I have not been on “my” blog for ages … and today I managed to log in finally – to delete it forever.
    And then I saw your post! Wow. mindblown

    I’ll contact you via a diff. channel (resp. from a diff. channel). Missed you… really… ALWAYS have to think of you whenever I buy my cards from BomoArt!

    In the meantime: take care and I’ll be in touch soon.

    xo Monika

    • Monika! I was just thinking of you recently and wondering how you are. Yes, mindblown. So delighted to hear from you. I’ve missed you, too. You can contact me on the contact page here. Looking forward to hearing from you. โค

  13. I am glad that I know where to hang out with you! And I am so happy that you’ve decided to maintain this far more important space. I was recently asked what three blogs give me the most inspiration. Your name was on that list. Traveling with you through place and time is a stirring, ethereal experience.

    • Dear Lisa – I’m so honored to travel with you through place and time. You are such an inspiration as well. You can always hang out with me here, and, hopefully one day, in my woods. Sending love and sunshine to you from northern Michigan.

  14. I loved this post, Julie, for you have a wonderful way of understanding what life brings to us. We are continually in a state of impermanence, which is where we thrive. As T.S. Eliot says in his Four Quartets:

    โ€œWe shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.โ€

  15. I visited you just the other day to check I hadn’t missed any posts, so my heart was sinking as I was reading this until you said you weren’t saying goodbye to the blog! I’m glad you’re staying here, it’s sacred space indeed.

    • Thank you so very much, Andrea. I briefly considered abandoning the blog, too. But then I stopped, took a deep breath, and remembered that this space and the people I encounter here are different than the mainstream. Right now, I really need to surround myself with people who have depth and sincere compassion. I’m very grateful for your presence here.

  16. A beautiful, self-affirming post, JD. This is a strange time and how sad it would be to cling to what no longer works for us and miss the opportunity to transform into something new. Even WP may someday no longer serve its purpose. I’m aware of that as I blog… that nothing is forever, that people and things and places come and go, some quickly, some over decades, and longevity is the wrong way to measure their value. It’s okay to let go when it feels right. Thank you for sharing a handful of your photos. They made me smile. โค โค

    • This strange and challenging time is a test of what we are made of. True selves are being revealed, even as our voices are muffled and identities are obscured in the physical realm. Most are incapable of the courage needed to transform. And that is their choice. Like you, I know that WP may someday stop serving its purpose. For now, I still have things to share. I have a list of potential posts that I’d like to write. But when the time comes to let go, I will. With gratitude. I’m happy that you liked my photos. I really shared some beauties on Instagram. I have others that will most likely show up in future posts here as well. Take care, Diana. Thank you for being here with me. โค

  17. I absolutely hate Facebook but I have to do it. I know how you feel, this social media thing is chore not a pleasure most of the time. I love your post and pics. I respect your decision. Take care Julie. ๐Ÿฅฐ

    • Thank you! I was only on Facebook for a short time many years ago. It gave me the creeps. Couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Instagram was nice for a while, but it was definitely time to move on.

  18. We all live like in loan to each other, I tend to not think much about farewells but the time shared, it was nice to see your stories, as those would banish and be ephemeral as usually things alive are. Nevertheless I think it is good to avoid farewells in social media; there rather than a “it was nice to see you” they turn into “hey, see me.” Instagram and similar apps are, in comparison to previous webs as WordPress, like stepping into a wild village, I am glad you gave to it not a peaceful spot, but your own type of wild spot, authentic and yours. Thank you, Julie.

    • You share a lot of insight in your comment. So much about social media is “look at me”. I’d learned from my departure from Facebook many years ago that most believe that when you leave social media, you no longer exist. That’s why so many hang on, even when it becomes toxic. They don’t want to “lose touch.” I definitely don’t need to be seen. In fact, I often fight the urge to disappear completely. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your presence there and here, dear Francis. Take care, amigo.

  19. โ€œI have become an artist of farewells.โ€ What a wonderful opening line! And the photos wow me.

    Glad you will maintain this blog. For me, too, your composition constitutes a โ€˜sacred spaceโ€™.

    Be safe.

  20. Dear Julie,

    As I’ve said all along, you are a born writer… you know how to share your soul with words and touch others at the same time. Thank you for allowing me to follow along your journey since the G+ days.


  21. You live by your intuition. And that is the greatest gift anyone of us can give the world.
    I know exactly what you mean about remaining a sovereign peaceful presence. Also the greatest gift anyone can give the world.
    I’m so glad the blog remains. Your words have often inspired me.

    • Thank you, Alison.๐Ÿ’š I feel there is a lot of pressure to โ€œget involvedโ€, i.e. to be perpetually outraged. To give up individual sovereignty. Not only do I refuse, I have reached the point where Iโ€™m unable to go against what my soul speaks. If that means that I lose connections, then so be it. I wish everyone well, regardless.
      Sending you love and serenity, dear lady.

  22. Ultimately a very positive and reassuring post, Julie. I had wondered why you were so silent on IG in recent months and I completely understand you’re reasoning. So many people out there just for the “social” component, ie: likes. That’s not me either which is why I don’t follow back or respond to so many people. I think I have more unfollowers than followers. ๐Ÿ™‚ However it does serve a purpose in that most of the pro photographers I meet around the world actually want to see some photos instantly and IG serves the purpose. Can’t really expect them to trawl through my “photo stories”.

    I will miss the regular doses of the “selfie queen” but it’s good to know you’ll always be here.

    • Yes, the Selfie Queen has receded to the wilderness. I could only wait so long for the secret agent to reveal himself. ๐Ÿ™‚I enjoyed your company on IG and am looking forward to your continued presence on WP. Hope all is well in your world, my friend.

  23. Hi Julie, Iโ€™ve found my way to your blog via Amy though quite honestly I canโ€™t believe Iโ€™ve never โ€œmetโ€ you before here on WP. Eight years for you and five for me and Iโ€™ve never read you. And you write so beautifully, from the heart and soul. I feel your every word and resonate with all of them. Thank you for shining your light. I dislike FB, but still use Instagram and feel as though I have a bit of a like minded tribe of positive souls. Here on WP however is where I have my real virtual family. Shining light, love and positivity in these dark times. Iโ€™m so glad to have met you here. Take care and sending you love and blessings from down under xxxx

    • Thank you so very much, Miriam. Delighted to meet you after all these years. WP continues to be a light, a place for the deeper ones to shine without reservation. Sending you warm summer wishes from northern Michigan.

  24. I am glad to see your photograph. I have known you so far only through your nostalgic words (might have missed any photo if posted sometime in this blog). But both of your image looks alike, isn’t that great?
    There will always be goodbyes, but we never forget people who give us some genuinely good time and I think they can do only so when they are also having a great time somehow. So enjoy while you are…nothing else matters probably

  25. I for one am glad you choose to abandon Instagram rather than WordPress. This platform seems to be much more thoughtful and respectful, a more apt receptacle for your musings.

    While I have an Instagram account I’m really only a lurker, I haven’t posted for years. I suppose that’s one way to avoid feedback from the trolls.

  26. Ma trรจs chรจre Julie, I must say my heart skipped a bit. I’d kept your post to read at leisure, and when I opened it, I thought: “Quoi?!” Whatwhatwhat?
    I was wondering about your longer than usual stretch of silence, but then, reading I thought you were “leaving” altogether. Pfffff. Aprรฉs avoir tout lu (et copiรฉ le post) รงa va mieux…)
    Never had time to “do” Instagram. Maybe one day. What I know is that blogging has put me in touch with wonderful people. With you in the lead.
    Those are trying times. So much is being redefined completely out of our hands. So much in directions we probably dislike. And I am indeed reorganizing our assets with that in mind. Maybe now is not the time to run. But maybe tomorrow?
    Meanwhile, if you ever feel the need to “talk” in private, I believe you have my mail. (Otherwise, it’s on my Gravatar). Chin up mon amie. We will get over these lunatic moments…
    Biz, je t’embrasse.
    PS. Please don’t scare the sh.t out of us like that again. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Merci, cher Brian. On est en train de voir notre mode de vie s’effondre. Yes, difficult times on all levels. At work, I witness people trying to cling to the old ways – going out and partying while dealing with the new restrictions. They are not taking it well. I am currently working very hard so that I can eventually be in my wilderness most, if not all, of the time. Hopefully soon. Lots of reorganizing of my entire life. Old priorities have diminished or vanished completely – I have accepted that I most likely will not travel again, or very rarely. I’m really good at letting go, so I’m having less difficulty with the changes than most people. The most difficult thing for me is that I want my life to change more quickly. I’m so ready to leave the world. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can imagine how stressful it is for you to reorganize your assets and think of an escape plan. I wish you much clarity and luck, mon ami. Je t’embrasse. You can always contact me via the contact page here on my blog, if you wish. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Difficult indeed. Good luck on your reorganization. You and I are accustomed to change. It helps. But don’t give up on travel yet. It will come back. Too much is at stake.
        Now abandoning the world can sound rash. Please don’t do anything drastic. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My little sister did, and no. Not again…๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
        Now the fact of the matter is that “abandoning the world is an interesting concept. Food for thought. Clarity and patience mon amie. Though we would like things to speed up… it will take some time… Je t’embrasse. ๐Ÿ’• (I’ll check your mail in contact)

  27. I will miss your gentle presence on IG, but from my #sacredspace of neighbor trees and cooing doves to your #sacredspace I send all my love. I grieve with you for all the losses, but I am also filled with joy to know that you are taking care of your wholeness. I know you will continue to create the community you need and that you will continue to provide inspiration to so many of us in ways to love ourselves and the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Some losses are easier to take than others, but I’ve learned that even the least difficult deserve reflection and conscious grieving. Leaving IG was relatively easy, but other goodbyes have been devastating. I try to remember that all farewells lead us closer to where we need to be. I have to believe that. I hope to continue to share the inspiration I receive, here with my beautiful tribe who share their own unique insights that help me so much as well. All my love back to you from my wilderness of wolves and wildflowers, dear one.

  28. Dearest Soul sister, dear Julie, I think I was meant to only visit just now your post today… And you telling me of your post has been within my mind often, yet somehow I never arrived on your blog, It had to be today….
    You see I said goodbye not to an account… but I feel I have said goodbye to all of those souls whom have over the years pulled at my energy… This weekend was about ME…. and I came to a pivotal turning point of releasing and giving myself permission just to BE…

    Your images which you gave up are stunning and you dear Julie are a beautiful soul…. Finally we are nearing the end of our journey, not in our Life sense.. But in an energetic sense…
    We See now how and why those people came and went and those whom we hang onto so too must be released…

    Your depth of understanding who you are and what you are far out ways those souls whose trivia dots their sites.. And your in-depth voice could not be heard, because many have not yet reached your level of understanding..
    Loss is always painful, as we learn to separate the Wheat from the chaff…
    The world at large right now is doing just that…. Some ready to let go, while others cling on wanting the same old same old things repeating in their cycles..

    Stepping out, being brave, letting go both of relationships, friendships that have gone past their sell by date, and releasing ALL of it into the hand of standing within your own Truth, your own Faith and your own intuitive guidance… Takes courage..

    But once we do…. We not only Let go… But we step into a lighter brighter world as those cords no longer pull us within their vibration holding us down or back..

    Much love my beautiful friend…. Sending Love and well wishes for your new found Sacred Space WITHIN… โค โค โค

    • Dear beautiful soul sister Sue – your words come at the perfect time. These past few days have indeed been intense, but in a gentle surrender kind of way. The vapors of the pain of separation have all but dissipated. We have moved through this portal. As you said, an energetic incarnation has come to an end. We have made it. ๐Ÿ’– My warrior spirit is returning. I thought it was gone forever. I feel as though the reasons that we had to go through these particular trials will continue to reveal themselves over the coming weeks. But the hard part is done. Time to celebrate ourselves. I’m not sure there’s anything more difficult than leaving people you care about behind. And it does take incredible courage to truly transcend toxic patterns. I’ve learned that, even though everyone has the potential to do so, very few have the courage that it takes. Unfortunately, many of those who cling will be forced out of their comfort zones whether they like it or not. And it won’t be pretty. But, that’s their journey now. Thank you so much for being part of my incredible journey. Thank you for shining your light. Sending love from northern Michigan. โœจ๐Ÿ’–โœจ

  29. Beautiful post, Julie. Timely for all that has happened this year, a period of time in our lives where there is no quick fix – just difficult decisions to make while working through the chaos. “Shedding the masks” we all collect during life is a difficult process, one I think many people (myself included) ignore because it is not easy. However, like the old saying roughly goes, “doing the right thing is often the most difficult thing.” And yes, as you say it is excruciating but necessary.

    This post also show us, as your viewers, the importance of making such bold decisions. Your sharing reminds us there are kindred souls out there who inspire, perhaps at times without even realizing it. Will miss your posts on Instagram, but then I think of the last time I was there and I smile – you lead by example ๐Ÿ™‚ Your photos and words resonate, and keeping WP as an outlet we can all participate even if passively, is a gift. Wishing you a great finish to your Michigan summer. Cheers and take care ~

    • Well, hello there, Dalo my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ So nice to hear from you. These past few months have been challenging, to say the least. The deeper the masks that come off, the more intense the battle. I now sometimes find myself wishing that I could turn around and go back, at least a little. I’m tired. But there is no going back. We are discovering this as individuals and as the collective, and it’s only the beginning.

      It’s funny how deleting a social media account can be such a major decision. We live so much of our lives online now. But it’s in the virtual world where I’ve found so many kindred souls, such as yourself. I’ve always thought of myself as a loner who doesn’t need (or even want) anyone, so it has taught me what it is like to form deep connections with other souls, most of whom I will most likely never meet in person. Love is love, no matter how it is shared. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I sure hope you are well and finding the beauty in the chaos. Wherever you are. Take care, dear one.

      • Yes, I think you nail it when saying there is no going back ~ the world moves so quickly, and how we connect with the world is being readjusted just as chaotically. I think everyone is suffering some shock at the state of reality and what is now normal, and in a sense reality will never be the same :-), good or bad. The one thread that will always be necessary, though, is the need/ability to connect with others and these days this gift becomes even more precious. Take care, Julie – enjoy the day.

  30. There’s a sense of serenity in this piece of writing. The pictures are lovely and your voice is calm and resigned. I hope this social media ‘goodbye’ will be the start of brilliant new beginnings. Sending smiles xx

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