You are Here

 Many years ago, I tried, unsuccessfully, to take the well-beaten path of  9 to 5, mortgage, stockpiling possessions, and keeping up with the Joneses. This blog is about that other, unmarked path – the one filled with detours, dead ends, hitchhikers, kitschy roadside attractions, and unexpected destinations.


Where is “Here”? Although it appears to be the places that I write about, in reality “Here” is that calm place within that eluded me for so long. After many years of running after it, and running away from other things, I’ve finally found it.

I’ve written a memoir about the early years of my compulsive wandering and the reasons behind it. It is currently wandering through the publishing world, in search of a home.

This post sums up the spirit of the memoir: Some of Those Who Wander Are Lost

These posts are excerpts:
Across the Bridge
And You Will Like It
The Witches