Season 3 Episode 30: Julie Riso on Awakening to Nature

“Each day brings a new surprise – another songbird’s voice, new buds emerge, and, finally, wildflowers. Marsh marigolds first, then violets. The …

Season 3 Episode 30: Julie Riso on Awakening to Nature

Rebecca Budd, some of you know her as “Clanmother”, was one of the first bloggers I met on WP. This is going on ten years now, back when I had my Budapest photo blog and this here blog didn’t yet exist. Rebecca is one of the most prolific bloggers that I know, both as a creator and a reader/commenter. I’ve had readers tell me how much they appreciate her insights.

Rebecca also does a weekly podcast- Tea, Toast, & Trivia – with an eclectic blend of guests and topics. She’s the only one who has managed to coax me into a recorded conversation. This is far out of my comfort zone. I’m a writer, not a talker. The podcast, entitled “Awakening to Nature”, is around 15 minutes. Please feel free to mosey on over to her place via the link. Comments are closed here but you are very welcome to share your thoughts over there.